A stitch in time – les exercise de couture de Lucette

DSC_0245 (2)We made a very beautiful discovery in a brocante of Grenoble, the sewing album of a Miss Lucette Joffrette Terret, 13 years of age. An exquisite collection of hand sewn pieces, exercises and even an adorable, tiny smock on the last double page.

DSC_0259 (2)


DSC_0262 (2)

Lucette’s work leaves me astonished by it’s beauty, but wistful for these types of skills to be taught in schools today. I am looking to find anyone who may know who Lucette was and to give this album to her family. Exquisite, it belongs to them, or if not them, perhaps the school where she learn to sew.

DSC_0261 (2)



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