Pâte de fruits sans fruits…

I’m not exactly a fruit paste (pâte de fruits) kind of gal, but luckily Christophe Truffet of Au Veritable Gâteau de Savoie in Yenne has developed the most sublime solution to such a problem! Does anyone remember my earlier posts about this incredibly beautiful pâtisserie, the famous cake and the adorable family who runs the business? Securing a traditional recipe, a precious link to the gastronomical history of Savoie, Au Veritable Gâteau de Savoie is a must see destination! Le Gateau de Savoie, a cake and a journey cut in two halves: Part One

Gateau de Savoie, a cake and a journey cut in two halves: Part Two


Well after 2 years away from this wonderful patisserie, on a day trip to collect supplies for the ongoing renovations in our mountain home, we passed through Yenne. Oh how lucky was that; an anticipated-to-be rather dull drive was punctuated with a lovely return visit to Au Veritable Gâteau de Savoie!

We arrived at entirely the wrong hour for the gâteaux de Savoie, they were all busy baking themselves beautiful, but nonetheless we were able to secure two ‘Conversation’ cakes. A delight of two pastry discs sandwiched with frangipane and the top spread with the most delicate meringue and criss-crossed with thin pastry strands. Heavenly.DSC_0060

But back to the super important  subject matter of fruit jellies; it is so easy to digress and meander in any number of culinary adventures in this store!  Mr Truffet has utterly blindsided me with the most spectacular recipe creation, and I mean sublime.  It is utterly perfect for me, a jelly perfumed with Chartreuse!  Chartreuse is the famous green alcohol based on a secret mixture of more than 100 herbs that is produced by monks at Entre-deux–Guiers, at the heart of the Chartreuse mountains. The recipe is a secret, but the flavour exquisite.

DSC_0434 (2)Such delicacy, a flavour so full, wistful and enchanting, powerful yet somehow sedate, with such a satisfying bite to these crystal like little cubes. Their exterior sprinkled with small grained sugar, the interior smooth as your teeth slide through the texture to bite!  He explained that it was a sort of ‘pâte de fruits’, like the others in his selection – raspberry, or an apricot passionfruit mix, but alas, the Chartreuse version contains no fruit. So we decided to dub it ‘pâte de fruits sans fruits’ (fruit paste without any fruit) on the spot. I bought two precious little bags. I hope he will be able to send more by post if I can’t visit again soon.  I don’t know how I will be without my now early afternoon tradition of a piece of Chartreuse pâte de fruits sans fruits after my lunch!

DSC_0445 (2)

I was tempted by the caramel au beurre salé that he developed with his daughter, Audrey. I am presently enjoying my breakfast toast slathered with this sticky, irresistible caramel.

You must visit Au Veritable Gâteau de Savoie. If you are in Savoie on vacation and you don’t go and see it, you really are missing something spectacular.

Au Veritable Gâteau de Savoie

Rue des Prêtres

Yenne 73170

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