Banon mariné

DSC_0564 (2)I remember a summer when my children were still small, we decided to take a day trip to Banon, the home of the famous AOP cheese of the same name, a treasured disc of goats cheese, wrapped as a cute little package in chestnut leaves. DSC_0366 (2) The day was positively sweltering, I remember not knowing if I would melt or just evaporate in the cruel summer sun. But what a memory, because scorched into my mind along with that weather memory, is the taste of that spectacular cheese, tasted in so many formats.  Here I would like to invite you to try a marinated goats cheese: if you cannot find Banon, try a relatively young goats cheese. Banon is aged in their naked state for about 5 days, then wrapped and matured for at least another 10.DSC_0357 (2)DSC_0363 (2)

DSC_0368 (2)DSC_0372 (2)DSC_0392 (2)DSC_0402 (2)

Marinated Banon

1 banon goats cheese

Dried savory, bay leaves, pepper corns

Extra virgin olive oil

Place herbs, pepper corns and bay leaves on the bottom of a jar, then sit your still wrapped banon on this cosy little bed. Add further herbs above and then pour over your oil until all is covered. Seal the container and store in the refrigerator for 15 days maximum ( It can even be delicious much earlier than that….). Remove from oil and serve with crusty bread.

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