Pets de nonne

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Recently I had the opportunity to go to a provençal carnaval.  From February to April here in France there are many such celebrations of springtime and the banishing of the greyness of winter. Whilst most of us know this festival as a christian feast, carnival is a costume party that has existed for more than two thousand years with an enduring seasonal emphasis. In roman times, servants and masters were known to exchange dress for a temporary and definitely superficial reversal of role. Continue reading “Pets de nonne”

Lunettes de Romans

Several times we have visited the city of Romans-sur-Isere, a quaint city in the department of the Drome, quite famous for three things – being the former capital of shoe manufacturing in Europe, for its delicious brioche like bread – the Pogne de Romans and finally for its adorable biscuits, the Lunettes de Romans (eyeglasses of Romans).

DSC_0291 Continue reading “Lunettes de Romans”